Brendan McCaw Healer Teacher

Brendan McCaw Spiritual Healer Energy Worker 

I am a natural born healer, using energy healing techniques throughout my life.  I have been blessed to have had a number of  Master Healers/teachers come into my life, and I have continued to add new modalities, including becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in 2013. I started practicing energy work consistently in 2007 while working on a loved one. I discovered an ability to heal and I just knew what to do. (I’m happy to say that loved one is doing well!) I have a great desire to assist clients in their dealings both in the spiritual, and physical plane.

I believe that we are able to heal ourselves. Sometimes we need support from others is helpful in our healing path.  I was born into a Roman Catholic family and my healing journey has taken me into  working with energy through reiki, crystals and other stones. I prefer to be called a spiritual healer as I consider all healing to be spiritual.  I am grateful to be doing what I consider my life’s work.

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