Brendan McCaw Healings-Services

Spiritual Energetic Healings,Reiki Healing, from a Reiki Master Teacher and Trance Healing Medium. I offer house clearings,  and Medical Intuitive work .

I offer off body energetic hearings to help balance and clear your chakras and energetic field.I also offer energetic cord cutting/releases. In addition, I offer Animal Reiki treatments. I  offer Spiritual Healing and have worked with many people in helping them discover their life purposes and assisted them in spiritual awakening.

Often, clients experience deeper calm, pain relief or other experiences that come from a deeper centering.

I will use my trance abilities to bring you into a closer relationship with the spirit healers. Here there is the potential for a clearer healing energy to be present. You may be aware of stronger feelings and experiences than with healing. Healing is where I connect with the Spirit World, and use this connection to bring the healing energy from the Spirit World. The healing energy is for every type of illness and condition, physical, mental and emotional. I do not heal, I am simply the instrument that the Spirit World use for the healing process. There is no guarantee that your condition can be cured, but there is generally a positive effect after your healing session.

When booking a session, you, the client, acknowledges that this session does not constitute medical advice or service, and is not intended to replace any medical services you might be receiving.

All appointments are prepaid prior to the appointment time.

If a remote healing session has been booked, that I expect that the client will call or contact me at the session time unless other arrangements have been made previously.

I  have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Thank you for your understanding.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY: If less than 48 hours cancellation notice is given your full session fee will be charged/kept for any missed appointments. If more than 48 hours notice is given clients who have paid can reschedule and have their payment transferred to the new session fee.

Refunds (Not rebooking) require a 10% processing fee

Prices are:
Spiritual Healing Sessions/Medical Intuitive 
$60 for 30 minute Energy Healing

$ 110 for 60 minute-Spiritual Healing with Medical Intuitive

$140 for 1.5hr Spiritual Healing with Medical Intuitive

$170 for 2hr Spiritual Healing with Medical Intuitive, includes take home tools

4  1 hr treatment package for $360-if interested please email me to set up

Reiki Sessions for people and pets, Chakra Clearings, and  Energetic Cord Cutting

All sessions are offered by remote( phone or Zoom)

If you are booking an Animal Reiki session, please call me directly to book the time.

$60 for 30 Minutes

$110 for 60 minutes

House Clearings

$75 per hour

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