Reviews and Testimonials

I had the pleasure of having an Energetic Tune-up (Chakra balancing and clearing) with Brendan via phone this past weekend. Brendan first spoke with me on the phone to fully explain how he works and to see if I had any questions; he is caring and very passionate about his work. I choose a 30 minute session and felt totally safe and relaxed during the session. Being very intuitive I even felt when Brendan was working in certain areas of the body! The follow up phone call was very informative as Brendan mentioned several things physical/emotional that “needed” my attention. At the end white “healing” light come over me! I would highly recommend Brendan for a phone or if you’re lucky enough an in person healing session
Felicia G.
Having been a reiki energy worker myself for the last 16 years, I have had many people complete energy work on me. Brendan is by far, one of the most effective reiki masters I ever experienced. Within seconds I can feel a difference in my energy, my spirit and my emotional well being. I feel balanced, peaceful and transformed every time he works on me.
I have found Brendan to be humble, caring, soothing, calming and a comfort to be around. I had been in need of a practitioner of energy work for some time when I found Brendan. I’m very happy to have found such an amazing resource with Brendan’s incredible healing abilities.
Marlaine M
It was my pleasure to attend your Reiki 1 class in Coloradp Springs during the metaphysical fair. Your teachings were insightful and interactive with those attending.This is something I’ve been interested in pursuing for some time and am glad to have the benefits of your training. Enjoy the day!!Mary Ann T
I went to see Brendan to see if he could help me get through some physical and emotional pain I’ve experienced for the past 6 years.  I found in him a friendly face who seems to deeply care about your well being.  He took his time and didn’t make me feel like I was on the clock for the hour session I booked.  I truly feel better after meeting with him and having an energy healing session.  I feel more grounded and my pain is less than normal.   I am looking forward to meeting with him again in the near future.  I truly believe he has a gifted talent to reduce pain and anxiety.  I’m grateful to have come across his name.
Michelle M.
Brendan is a fantastic healer with skills that work over long distances. Brendan did a remote healing on me and it did wonders! Plus he was able to sense areas of my body that I have injuries or energetic blockages. He was super kind and talked me through a few things as well, so overall a very holistic service. I would definately recommend a healing from Brendan.
Shar L